August 21, 2019

2016 Smart Fortwo Manual

Specification With a car like Fortwo you have to spend some time before you could fully utilize. At first, its automatic transmission seems quite rough and poorly calibrated. Second gear takes too long to shift resulting in bogging and engine sounds. A very similar case was observed with the steering of the car, the steering […]

Smart Fortwo

2016 Nissan Titan XD Gasoline V-8

Specifications The Titan XD will be released as a four-door crew cab having a 151.6-inch wheelbase, and an ample of the 6.5-foot cargo bed, a perk with the option to shift among either two or four wheel drive. Price Various variants of Titan XD are released this year. The vehicle costs about $ 40,255 the […]


2017 BMW 5-Series/M5

Specs: The most thrilling part of 2017 BMW-M5 is the up gradation of its engine Horsepower to 600+hp; it must have ponies more than 645.BMW is also dropping the weight of this new model by 220 pounds which are 100kg. Engine: M-twin power, 8 cylinder petrol engines is upgraded to 600+hp, 6000+rpm, Torque up to […]