August 22, 2019


With a car like Fortwo you have to spend some time before you could fully utilize. At first, its automatic transmission seems quite rough and poorly calibrated. Second gear takes too long to shift resulting in bogging and engine sounds. A very similar case was observed with the steering of the car, the steering wheel is quite soft yet it demands some skill to control the turning off car.


The small car is powered by an adequate engine. It has an 898 cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine that can produce a torque of 100 lb-ft. there is an option to select either manual or automatic transmission. With five-speed manual transmission, one can go from 0 to 60 in just 10.1 seconds while with six-speed automatic dual clutch transmission same speed can be achieved in 10.5 seconds.


Price for the car depends on upon the type of transmission that you demands. For a five-speed manual transmission, it cost about 15,400 dollars while for six-speed automatic transmission price is increased to 16,390 dollars.


The perk of the car lies in the mileage offered by it. It is quite economic car of the class fo both manual as well as automatic transmission city drive can cover about 33 mpg while at highways it produces about 39 mpg.

Smart Fortwo